Papi’s favorite shows of the summer: Sharp Objects and Pose

Give me a good show, wings, an ounce & I can be lost for days. I LIVE for a good show, I wanna feel lost in it. But with Netflix, Hulu, HBO and old ass cable, it’s hard to keep up! Well luckily for y’all I never sleep (besides when I wanna ditch plans). It’s like God put me on earth to find everyone good shows. These two shows have everything I love; drama & sass.

First up is Sharp Objects on HBO. It’s deff this summers Big Little Lies. The show follows Camille Preaker, a journalist in the big city, St. Louis. Her hometown has a nasty case of dead white girls. 3 locals girls were found dead, with their teeth ripped out, talk about psycho! So she is sent to investigate and write about what the hell happened to those sweet little angels.

As soon as she gets there, everyone and their mother be giving her the cold shoulder. The show flashes back from her childhood to current time. Something happened to her when she was little that definitely traumatized her but we don’t know what it is. Maybe some Duggar shit?

Her step sister is no fucks city, only 16 already being a thot, not that I judge. Now the mom is where the drama at. Home girl is the definition of an ICE QUEEN. Camille and her mom hate each other, I get a Mommy Dearest vibe from her. Oh I also forgot, Camille is an alcoholic but stable drunk. Where are the DWI road blocks? What’s even more horrific is, she’s a cutter, but not a normal one who slashes their wrists. Instead our homegirl writes words all over her body, it’s insane. Idk how the hell she gets them on her back.

Imma not ruin the ending but let’s just say you WILL be jaw dropped. This show starts slow but draws you in. From the writing to the cinematography I was obsessed. Even my mom loved it and she normally only likes Hallmark Christmas movies. It is very dark but the acting makes it light hearted. Each character makes you want more, season 2 please?!?! Do NOT google the ending, no body likes a spoiler whore.

Ugh the next show Pose was definitely my favorite. The music alone makes the show dope. They got Whitney Houston and Tina Turner! The show follows gay, trans and drag people in NYC towards the end of the 80’s and the ballroom scene they created. Based on true events, these people would be kicked out of their houses due to their families having issues with them liking Cher. So more “mature” people would take them under their wings and be spiritual mothers to them.

The head bitch in charge mother is Elektra, I loved this mum. She always had the best come backs to serve to rude bitches. One of her “daughters” Blanca decided she wants to go out on her own and start her own house. MAD DRAMA happens. I know your prob like wtf do you watch but trust me it’s amazing. Ryan Murphy, the Daddy of TV, created this show so you know it’s amazing.

The show is about LGBTKMeow people but it’s not annoying about it like most shows are. It’s about REAL people and the bullshit they faced, who just happen to be trans. Plus the characters are played by real trans people so it’s mad authentic. The Mother’s Day episode legit made me cry my eyes out. I can’t believe people can be THAT cruel to their own children just because they wanna be themselves. Grow up! Family is all you got!

Evan Peter is also in it and he plays a married “straight” man, who lowkey has a thing for trans girls. Ugh I felt so bad for this wifey and kids but I loved him and Angel together! This show honestly is an insight into the struggles of trans people. Idk how they do it! The line to the ladies room is always so long.

Not to sound gay but the show really made me look at how society and people like myself treat trans people. Always the butt of some stupid joke. Who the hell cares if they wanna be who they believe they were born as. It ain’t affecting you! Everyone is SOOO worried about everyone but themselves. This show does a great job showing how gay people treat trans. Blanca wanted a drink but because it’s a gay bar they refused. Okay y’all sinners too, don’t act like your shit don’t stink. Cause it deff smells worse. Blanca was WAYYY better looking than all of them. I’m telling you, as soon as this show is on Netflix it’s gonna blow up.

Xoxo check these shows out, cause imma quiz you on them

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