The man I married 20 years ago is a piece of shit today: Why I’m team Prenup

It’s sad to say but we truly live in a trust no mans society. The home boy you met 20 years ago who swept you off your feet, is now sadly a coke feen, taking $20’s from your purse to buy an eight ball. HOW SAD. I bet you wish you had a prenup Becky. Legit I see this too often. Home girl starts a business, meets a man, falls in love, get married and 5 years later she has to give him half of everything. FUCK THAT!

What you came into the marriage with is what you should leave with. This isn’t a charity, baby girl worked hard to start her nail salon. Why should Chad get half of it when he can’t even tell the difference between gel & acrylics, pathetic. I feel so bad when this happens because now my girlie gotta support a deadbeat. Sometimes the girl has to pay him spousal support aka too lazy to work support, like wtf NO DUDE GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A JOB.

Take Sherri Shepherd for instance, she married Lamar Sally who does god knows what. They got married and hired a surrogate. Well shit didn’t last between them and she didn’t want the baby anymore. He deadass was trying to force the surrogate to have the kid so he can get child support on top of spousal support. Deadass trying to force a kid just to get more money. Yeah Sherri has to pay HIM, each month. How gross I wanna gag. What a dead beat dude. She pays him $4,100 a month and he wants more, so greedy.

The worst is with my baby girl Brittney Spears. The only thing she got out of being married to Kevin Federline was the kids, other then that NOTHING. He is a fucking leech who has never really worked a day in his life. Britney mostly has custody of the 2 kids so why she has to pay him child support is beyond me. He has like 6 other kids, maybe that’s why. Cause he can’t support them. He wants $20,000 a month, A MONTH. He already getting like $10,000. It’s because he is too lazy to work and the reality TV shows have ran out. He says it not fair the kids go from a mansion to his dump of a house, that sounds like a KEVIN problem, not a Britney one.

I’m so sexist when it comes to this thou because when it’s the other way around I feel so bad!! Like when home girl signs a prenup and the man cheats and leaves her and she ends up with nothing. It’s so sad and honestly fucked. At least give her a black Amex to get her back on her feet! That’s why I tell all my girlies to secretly take out money each week and set it aside, just in case he try’s any funny business. But really if he makes you sign a prenup ladies, question it, sign it and start a secret stash of cash. You’ll thank Daddy later.

Xoxo who ever I marry is signing a prenup and a Non-Discloser Agreement, I don’t need no books about me out

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