The time I got codeined, and no it WASN’T like a rap music video


In 11th grade, my main girlies Tiera James Grace, the 3rd and Lenni were going through their “suburban thot” stage. Meaning, they were suburban girlies who randomly started hanging out with hood brothers. My theory is they believe they can, “fix” these boys. Girl bye you can’t even fix your rat trap of a hair, how you gonna fix someones life?

At first I was terrified for their lives, saying y’all gonna get shot or gang banged for gang initiation. But then I realized, thats my internal racism going off. These dudes are the same age as me, just because modern day segregation makes their schools shit doesn’t mean they’re bad people. Thats really fucked of me to think but I blame the media.

So these new boys invited Tiera, Lenni and I to their party on Beech street. A party were truly had NO business being at. I honestly didn’t know where Beech street was until I googled it. Deadass across the street there was a shooting 2 days before this party, and at a park down the road there is always people getting jump, SO YEAH I FELT SAFE!

As soon as we show up, we see Lenni’s mans with his “boys” doing security, just incase if the Bloods showed up, we have MADD drama with them. They have very bad jealously issues.

Because I was legit the only white boy I truly stood out. Lenni’s man said, “If anyone fucks with you come get me”, yeah my girls mans in a gang, run that trap bitch see what happens. As we walk in my nerves were getting the best of me, the media makes all city parties seem like a get together of gang leaders. But realistically everyone was mad nice, calling me cracker come here, or whitey will you take a pic of us. I really felt wanted!! I even saw some girls I grew up with and we both did the “Da fuq you doing here” face.

My girls man was if y’all want a drink they over in the kitchen. Now there was too big gatorade coolers filled with “red drink & purple drink”, my dumb ass thought it was just different mixers for vodka. BOY WAS MY ASS WRONG. I took a glass of the “purple drank” and we ventured to the basement. After about 10 mins of chatting thats when it hit me, I was FUCKED UP! Wavy City USA.

Legit the basement felt like I was in a Missy Elliot music video. My body felt free and I was legit tearing that dance floor apart, but legit I couldn’t controlled my body. I honestly was dancing so hard my body couldn’t stop, till I fall to the ground as the music dies down to Avicii’s “levels”.

This next part y’all are going to swear I made up but legit I didn’t, Im a catholic. As people start to run over to my body to check my pulse, the music start to rise again, I legit whipped my body up so fast and made that basement my bitch. I kid you not I felt like I was on “So You Think You Can Dance”, at the end all these random city folks were truly blessing me, calling me an amazing dancing, getting my facebook info for the next party. A hood lesbian even gave me her fitted hat as my prize. Finally my girls come down and find me, they thought I was either kidnapped or dead somewhere, I go y’all racist Im just with my SQUAD!

My girls bring me up stairs because they realized how fucked I was. They thought  I was roofied they run over to Lenni’s mans to ask whats good? He asked what I drink, I go just the grape soda Vodka, he starts laughing and goes nah man that lean, my white ass was like ummmm what? He goes Lean, Codeine mixed with Sprite. My girlies rushed me to the bathroom and shoved their fingers down my throat to make me throw up. We prob look SOOO DRAMATIC! But again we were a bunch of suburban crackers who had no business being there and who had no clue what Lean was.

Legit this party taught me two things, NEVER judge a party by its color and ASK before you drink purple drink. Did I have fun? YEAH! If I drink more I would prob have embarrassed the hell out of my family name. What was so surprising about this party was how organized it was. At a Suburban party you always have that one douche bag who’s too drunk so they smash shit or that one girl throwing up everywhere or getting a train ran on her. Legit maybe because this was LEGIT a trap house, but there was honestly no drama. No rival gangs showing up, just some good old High School fun! Whites are too dramatic and extra to have a civil party.

Also when we left and went back to my girls house, we walked in on legit our friend getting hardcore fucked, I was truly terrified at the faces he was making, we were so scared that he was gonna kill us if he saw us, so we legit hid under the kitchen table, but thats a story for another day!

Xoxo I was a cracker in a sea of brothers

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