I get bank alerts for ALL transactions cause my baby girls mans got sticky fingers

Why can’t my girlies call me and say, “Daddy I fell in love, he’s a doctor and his family is loaded I’m so happy lets go to Ibiza”. I wish.  Instead I get calls like, “I found out he has a kid”, or “He didnt text me back cause he got locked up” or my personal favorite ” I can’t go on spring break because my mans drained my bank account” okay bish what? I understand you have a big heart but baby girl what does daddy always say, trust no man. The only person who has my bank info is my Aunt Karen, but that’s only because I had to co-sign on a loan for her so the bank didn’t repo her car. Other than that my bank account is like TT’s legs, CLOSED! After this fucked up situation, I turned on bank alerts for any transactions over $20 dollars. I ain’t getting scammed! I’m trying to go to Disney in May damn it.

So let me start from the beginning. My baby girl from down south met this fuck boy at a college party. From the start I knew his ass was suspect! He CLAIMED he went to school with us, no one saw him in class nor his college ID. He CLAIMED he was an MMA fighter, no one saw him on UFC. My favorite, he CLAIMED he got money. BOY BYE! I knew that was a lie when he gave me a little ass clip to smoke on my way home and the next day asked for $10 dollars. Are you deadass? How low can you be. A. that was Dro and B. I ALWAYS smoked his poor ass out so I was beyond shook by that.

He was always involved in some scheme. Like the Bank of America scheme him and his boys were apart of. This story is so stupid but I promise you its true. He asked her if she has Bank of America, she said no but my friend does. He had her invite her over. When she got there he explained how Bank of America’s ATMs have a glitch where they aren’t scanning money to verify its real. So he literally convinced this innocent ass girl who still wore horse shirts from Limited Too, to put a 5 on top of a few napkins and another 5 under that and put it in the ATM as a deposit. It showed an Error message so he then had her call the bank and give a sob story. This dude knew what to say and who to ask for so he definitely has done this before.

In the end she said it was supposed to be $1050 dollars and she needed it for rent. The bank said okay and legit deposited that into her account. I didn’t believe it till she showed me her bank statement. It showed up as a $1050 dollar deposit. He immediate had her take it all out and gave her $100 as a thank you. I knew there was no way the bank would be stupid enough to allow that. Less than a month later the bank took $1050 dollars out of her account and said it was due to fraud. How fucking dumb could she be. Why don’t these girls listen to the smartest person I know, ME! My homegirl was so blinded by this dude she picked his broke ass over her friend. Who is now screwed because she listened to this wanna be Bernie Madoff. After that I was forever had my Nancy Drew eye on him.

A few weeks later my girl went to a hotel with him for a romantic getaway. In the same city too….talk about a cheap ass. But it gets better. When they went to check in the guy at the desk said her name. Wait bitch what? Why would it be in HER name? Sign number 1 something was shady. Next she got flowers that were beyond expensive. But the night before he couldn’t afford dinner, sign number 2. Then cash from her room started going missing. I thought it was him at first but his wannabe actor ass was so convincing he made us think it was our home girl! Poor and a good actor, who would of known. Its so fucked of us to believe him but he was like “baby I would never do that, you’re my Butter Pecan queen”. Him and this girl were the only ones in the room when this shit happened so it wasn’t hard to narrow it down.

The final straw was when my girl went to the bank after her card was declined while booking a fight to Cancun for Spring Break.  She went into the bank and learned the cold hard, debt truth. This dude wrote down her bank card info and has been using it for MONTHS. The hotel room, she paid for. The flowers, SHE PAID FOR. Even her fucking birthday gift SHE PAID FOR. In the end this dude used over $2000 dollars of my baby girls hard earned money.

I told her to call the cops ASAP but she was like no I can’t I feel bad. FEEL BAD? Bitch your credit score is gonna feel bad too. She confronted him and he right away was nasty, “you rich bitches think you are so better than me because you got daddys money”. Okay slow your role broke bitch, we know we better than you. My girl has been working the poles since 15, thats HER MONEY. He deadass tried to turn this on her. He agreed to give $500 every week to repay her. The first night he was supposed to pay ended in a high speed chase down the ghetto because he thought she had mad dudes with her to beat his ass….it was just me lol.

After that we never heard from him again and my girl took the lost but I refused to drop it. I called every job he got and let them know the truth about their newest scumbag employee. When he got an “MMA scholarship” I found the studio and called them as well. I even took it a step further, I contacted all his friends (which was stupid they all called me a faggot and said they were gonna “murder my homo ass” so sweet, love new friends). When he got a new girlfriend, I let them all know.

At first they all would say the same” he warned me about you he said your pathetic and just sad I left your trashy friend” GIRL PLEASE, thanks for the laugh, all my girls are MAD CLASSY. Then about a month later that same girl would message me a sob story about how he did the same to her. Finally he did it to a cops daughter and got his ass thrown in jail. What was the proof? The fucking ATM footage,  he was that ballsy.

The moral of this story is legit don’t leave anything around ANYONE. Your man candy Monday one day can be amazing, the next he milking you dry. I asked a cop friend what would of happened if she called the cops and sadly he said nothing unless you have footage or proof. Because he was buying online it makes it harder. THATS why y’all need to turn on bank notification. So every transaction you know about immediately. This event really fucked up my girl. Now she has PTSD around all broke dudes.

Xoxo poor dudes are so nasty

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