Migrant Caravan, should we be concerned? And no its not a new Hallmark RomCom.

I swear we never have a dull moment in American politics. One day we’re learning the verdict of a lawsuit between our President and former porn star, the next we’re worried about a mass group of migrants coming to our southern border. To be honest I don’t know if I should laugh or be concerned. They are labeling this a Migrant Caravan, which sounds like a Hallmark Romantic Comedy about two co-workers who HATE each other but have to take a cross country trip to Mexico to open a new factory. Will they kill each other or fall in love? Well its Hallmarks obviously they fall in love and YES he does decide to take over the family business, something he resented for years. Okay that’s legit the plot to every Hallmark movie, and why are all the actors the same in them? I swear these actors are in jail and have to make 30 Hallmark movies a year as their sentence.

Okay back to be sassy but serious. So basically what is going on is Central America is legit something out of a Rambo movie. Drug lords taking over, killing anyone in their way. Okay maybe its not that dramatic but still its pretty bad. The reason most Central American countries are hellish is due to years of our government funding military coups and installing puppet dictators for our own capitalistic reasons. But that’s gossip for another day!

So back to the caravan, mad people are trying to flee and come here.Which is fine, this is why we allow people to seek asylum here. But this isn’t just a few dozen people, this is thousands of people. Some estimate its well over 4,000, do we even have enough paper work at the border to process them all?  

Trump has threatened to cut off aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador if they don’t stop this “caravan”. Okay what do you want them to do? Arrest them and take them back home? As soon as they get back home they will try again. It’s like my girlies giving up coke, never gonna happen! I seriously don’t have an answer for what to do because I do have a heart but also I don’t need my taxes going up. I do find it alarming all these people are coming but its not like they are armed with weapons. Just a check from the democrats and the clothes on their backs.  Not to sound barbaric but even if they do try something, our border patrol will shoot them with out even flinching. So do we let them come and bring the National Guard to help process them. But then what? Where do they live? How will they get money? These are questions people aren’t asking. This is just another issue that is becoming politicized.

The democrats want to welcome them with open arms, the republicans want to close our borders due to fear these people are gonna try to take over America….EYEROLL. IDK who’s right but isn’t this SO CONVENIENT! The midterms are legit 2 weeks ago. This issue can work for both sides. The Republicans are already saying the Democrats don’t care about this issue, they want these migrants here to vote democrat. The Democrats are saying its cruel to turn these people away. Congress needs to stop being dramatic ass bitches and overall our immigration process, its like waiting at the DMV…..but for 10 years.

Who will win this issue of the week? I’m assuming the Republicans. People thrive off fear and this is the perfect situation for Trump. He is already milking it dry on Twitter and at his rally’s. Which there is one in Syracuse next month, I was asked to sing the national anthem. Should I do it? Decisions Decisions.

Side Note: How do these people know where to go? Do they have a map? A Garmin GPS? Do they use Waze? (watch out immigration control on the left) I’m SO CONFUSED! 

Xoxo I would invite a migrant to stay with me but my spare bedroom doubles as my closet

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