Fuck boys need not apply

Now that Mama Dutches is Skinny Minnie, EVERY BROTHER & their daddies be hitting her up. It’s like oh, now you wanna tap that? Where were you when she was going thru her Old Country Buffet stage? Now she on that Salad & meal prep life you think you can slide thru? BOY BYE! My girl is a top notch bitch, pussy always served delicious. She not just a boss bitch, she THEE BITCH. She pays her own bills, has her own car and yeah it’s a GMC Terrain, she a softball coach so she needs ALL the storage she can get. Don’t like it? Go to hit up a bitch with a Malibu then.

I was appalled & disgusted when dudes who peaked in 11th grade had the nerve to come up to MY baby girl and try to spit game. One, WHO ARE YOU? Two, if you had any class you would of gotten her and I a drink first. Third, you have dip in your teeth, gross. Lastly, WHO ARE YOU? Do you not see how toned and define her body is now? Girl deadass makes everyday leg day & you think you earned the right to holla at her, BOY GO HOME!

My baby girls body is like a Greek goddess. Sexy, in-shape, unique but also terrifying. Girl does MMA twice a week, she will body slam any brother, big or small, she WILL make you her bitch. Some of these CHILDREN be so thirsty for Mama Dutch they get all touchy. Touch my girls ass again she turn your dick into her new curling iron. She benches 260, HOW YOU DOING?

My girl needs a MAN, not a boy. If you are the plug, don’t apply. If you ask her to scoop, don’t apply. If you trap all day, don’t apply. If you disrespect your mama, don’t even THINK about coming her way. My girls man will be loaded to support us both because famILY is forever.

If you have kids, we could make it work. Just depends on how cute they are and if your baby moms is psycho. We got our own drama, we ain’t dealing with no daycare fights with her petty ass. So if none of this is you, please apply in the Ask Daddy section of my website.

Xoxo cut the shit with where my hug at, she AINT’T hugging your ass

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